91 Brunswick Avenue, Bloomsbury, New Jersey 08804

MAIN: 908-479-4546 BANQUET HALL: 908-479-4435

Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Assistance to Bloomsbury Borough


Located in the historic Borough of Bloomsbury, the Riverview Banquet Facility provides the perfect setting for your next event.

The Riverview Banquet Facility is owned by the Bloomsbury Hose Company, the hall is financed and maintained by members of the volunteer fire company. Your event, however, will be coordinated by you. the customer, with the cooperation of a catering staff.

We are a not-for-profit organization. All funds paid to the Riverview Banquet Facility for use of the facility are used for the overhead including maintenance and improvements to the facility.

Support your local first responders and hold your next event at our lovely location.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL 908-479-4435 OR EMAIL banquethall@bloomsburyhose.com